SSI’s solutions are strategic combinations of products, services, and methodologies, each designed to provide the best capabilities to address client needs and agency missions.
SSI’s uses its Epic® interface on top of a SharePoint infrastructure to harness the best of both worlds: real-time collaborative power and a user-friendly interface.

SharePoint-Integrated Case Management

SSI’s Case Management solutions help our clients to collect, manage, and resolve their cases in a highly collaborative framework.

SSI’s uses its Epic® interface on top of a SharePoint infrastructure to harness the best of both worlds: the real-time collaborative power of SharePoint for managing case documents as a team, with a user-friendly interface to collect and manage all the data and documents related to a case.

SSI solutions are flexible enough to address a multitude of protocols and business rules guiding case fulfillment, while enabling the most efficient execution of the case.

By emphasizing SharePoint’s native strengths in collaboration, we help our clients maximize their investment in SharePoint while ensuring ease of use.

SSI Correspondence creates just enough structure to accomplish these tasks while retaining a high level of flexibility for easy configuration of additional workflow uses.

SSI Correspondence

SSI Correspondence enables the full suite of necessary capabilities to intake, track, respond to and improve on internal processes for managing important correspondence. It addresses these organizational challenges for effective intake and timely response:

  • Assigning priority of response
  • Redirection to personnel who can answer specific questions
  • Managing collaboration on a response
  • Internal approval of response or reassignment for rework
  • Tracking timelines and responsible parties
  • Internal records management & retention
  • Generating process information for improvements in efficiency
Our solutions are designed to manage and transform FOIA-related processes that are not identical across government (nor are they necessarily identical from one office to another within a large organization).

SSI FOIA Requests

SSI FOIA Requests solutions facilitate compliance with governance and reporting regulations, enable transparency, and allow the enterprise to customize Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests processes as needed.

We enable large or complex organizations to demonstrate truly transparent compliance with FOIA regulations and provide superior customer service to those making information requests.

SSI allows organizations to handle requests that:

  • Come into the organization from many entry points
  • Involve vastly disparate organizational information for response
  • Require varying levels of redaction prior to release
  • Must be tracked and responded to in a timely fashion
No matter the outcome of any policy discussion, our solutions ensure that the “reasons why” will be easily found and available for future discourse or organizational review.

SSI Policy Collaboration

As the scale of an enterprise increases, policy activities become complex. Our Policy Collaboration solutions provide the ability to take multiple stakeholders into account, create the “information environment” necessary for a productive and rational discussion, record each conversation in the policy discourse, and note outcomes.

SSI’s solutions allow organizations to:

  • Fully execute policy review activities in a collaborative environment
  • Understand the outcomes
  • Inform follow-on processes for policy change
  • See the conversation as it took place, complete with rationale and supporting documentation
Our solutions allow an enterprise to retain the common toolsets for workflow—e-mail, spreadsheets, word processing documents, and other electronic outputs. However, they also provide workers with a dashboard to manage their workload, allow managers to balance work volume among resources, and enable leadership decisions with reporting of workflow process metrics.

SSI Workflow BPM

Enterprises will often invest in infrastructure that can retain the products or assets of the work being conducted, but cannot report metrics or status of work being executed.

Within each of SSI’s Workflow BPM solutions, every aspect of work conducted is accessible, reportable and workable within whatever enterprise infrastructure is used to manage the outputs and assets.

SSI Workflow BPM solutions facilitate:

  • Requests for action or information
  • Responses to requests
  • Assignments of tasks
  • Provision of supplementary information to workflow
  • Authorizations for work
  • Approvals for requests or output
  • Reporting on metrics of accomplished work
With an Intra-Departmental Communication solution from SSI, distribution of critical internal information is made easy, and reporting on whether and when team members have received that information no longer requires scheduling a meeting and filling out forms. This capability permits the entire organization to function more effectively.

SSI Intra-Departmental Communication

Our Intra-Departmental Communication solutions ensure that highly important internal messages are delivered, received, and recorded. This allows faster, more accurate change to policy requirements, reduces the time and expense for properly ensuring that the information is received, and enables a collaborative dialogue regarding implementation questions.

Communicating important changes to policy and procedure can be an arduous “knowledge transfer” process, where timing and reporting can be of great importance. If one organization sector fails to receive notice of an important change to the business, the organization as a whole could be held responsible for errors committed through ignorance (whether at fault or not).
Our solutions help by providing key ingredients in the recipe for success: information/expertise sourcing from all necessary departments within an organization, collaboration among leaders, version management while the message is crafted, approval for release, and delivery at the appropriate time to create the desired impact.

SSI Press Release Management

SSI Press Release Management solutions offer effective collaboration capabilities for developing public-facing messages, including progress tracking methods.

Finished work can be approved or returned for additional efforts prior to official release.

Press release management is an important part of any enterprise relationship management process. In crafting press releases, organizations need to issue a statement that creates value while diminishing risk.

In today’s 24-hour news cycle, the ability to act with speed, accuracy, and timing is more important than ever.

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SSI Correspondence enables the full suite of necessary capabilities to intake, track, respond and improve on internal processes for managing important correspondence.

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