SSI offers professional services to both federal and commercial clients. We provide expertise in many business IT disciplines, with heavy concentration on the following:

Business Process Analysis

SSI works to understand the activities within a process, their relationships, and the values of relevant metrics.

Enterprise Content Management

SSI provides expert enterprise content management system support for extending Microsoft functionality in .Net environments, particularly SharePoint.

Business Process Engineering and Improvement

We work to create a self-correcting business process by incorporating a collection of metrics. These metrics will be used to regularly review success and identify areas for improvement—a constant cycle of efficiency.

PMP-Certified Project Management

SSI employs experienced, PMP-certified project managers who will successfully manage IT projects through all phases of the software development lifecycle. The proper project oversight and management that we provide means that projects will not fail due to inexperience or inability.

Business Transformation

SSI works with clients to develop a vision, or desired end state, for a business. We then help to raise and address necessary questions regarding how to reach that end state.

Software Architecture

SSI knows that excellent software architecture is critical to satisfying business requirements while extending the lifecycle of the solution—and bringing projects to completion on-time and within budget. This awareness is reflected in the thoroughness and care that we bring to the software architecture definition process.

Needs Analysis and Product Selection

Our careful needs analysis process generates findings and recommendations that lead the client on the right solution path. We then work with the client to build stakeholder consensus and final product selection.

Software Design and Development

Our approach to software design and development: seek to satisfy the business requirement within the architectural limitations, incorporate good user interface design, and deliver the most cost-effective solution for the shortest elapsed development cycle.

Program Analysis and Reporting

We provide the experience and expertise to define how metrics for a business program or process will be collected, analyzed, and reported on. As an aspect of this, SSI works hard to understand which metrics are important to the business and how to present the information in a form that is usable for leadership.

User Interface Design

Good user interface design need not be stylistically glamorous, but must be properly performed in order for user adoption to be successful. SSI designs intuitive interfaces that result in ready user adoption and successful deployments.

Strategy Briefing

A complimentary strategy briefing from SSI provides valuable business insight for transforming your communications and workflow processes.

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Success Stories

We are proud of our accomplishments in providing elegant, flexible solutions to address client challenges. Because most organizations face similar challenges, SSI's case stories will illuminate how we can assist your enterprise.

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Solution Spotlight

SSI Correspondence enables the full suite of necessary capabilities to intake, track, respond and improve on internal processes for managing important correspondence.

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