Case Study

Fast-Track Work Management Implementation

When a client with more than 100,000 pieces of correspondence to manage each year needed to replace its work management system, it turned to SSI for expert guidance in selecting and implementing a solution.


With its previous correspondence management system down and unable to be restored, SSI’s client sought a replacement solution. The client needed a robust work management tool that could be quickly put in place and customized to the unique requirements of 11 offices, each of which managed between 7,000 and 10,000 pieces of correspondence a year.

Clearly, a solution with a long development and customization window was not an option.


The client contacted SSI after learning of its success with similar organizations. Based on prior experience assessing and overcoming work management issues, SSI quickly evaluated the situation and proposed a time-sensitive and cost-effective solution that the client was eager to adopt.

The process began with streamlined requirements collection and a design definition process. SSI worked with client stakeholders to identify the key process steps and controls the organization needed, and then made recommendations on how a solution could be most efficiently created. With a plan in place, SSI went to work, utilizing existing hardware and configuring the new solution to support more than 400 concurrent users.


Drawing on decades of experience with correspondence management, SSI was able to quickly define not only the client’s operational needs, but also the usability requirements it was seeking to fulfill.

The team was able to deploy an intuitive work management solution within seven weeks, fully deploying the completed solution to all users within 10 weeks of the work’s start date.


The client confirmed that the solution implemented by SSI not only met the functional requirements, but also far exceeded its requirements for a user-friendly solution.

In just the first year of the solution’s implementation, the client was on pace to manage more than 100,000 pieces of correspondence.

Continued Relationship

After the completion of this project, the client again contracted with SSI. This second effort included expanding the functionality of the original solution in order to add new forms of communication and encompass additional processes. The effort also included rolling out the solution to each of the company’s 10 regional offices across the country.

In addition, SSI consultants were able to tap their business process and technical expertise to identify areas where application performance could be optimized and where user experience could be improved. All work was completed on time and under budget—and SSI’s support ensured a smooth rollout and ongoing operation of the enhanced solution in the regions.

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