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Going Digital to Keep Personnel Safe and Working

As COVID-19 struck the U.S. and resulted in wide-spread office closures, mail operations were largely shut down. Learn how SSI’s Digital Mail Center and Digital Mail Carrier solutions were used to completely transform mail operations and kept personnel at a large federal agency safe and working.


During COVID-19 office closures and related work restrictions, mail delivery was largely halted. Personnel would make occasional trips in to retrieve mail when it was delivered, but otherwise, mail largely sat undelivered and unopened. A move to a remote, dispersed workforce introduced new challenges to how agency mail would reach the intended recipient. There were also the added challenges of mail delivery timeliness associated with mail destined for delivery throughout the U.S and misdirected mail that needed to be rerouted.


A complete transformation of mail services. SSI’s Digital Mail Center and Digital Mail Carrier solutions were used to centralize, digitize, and manage mail delivery. The Digital Mail Center transformed largely manual handling of Mail Center operations to digital enterprise services. Through retraining or upskilling, Mail Center personnel were able to shift from their former way of manually processing mail items to the new digital processing of agency mail operations.  SSI’s Digital Mail Carrier introduced an artificial intelligence (AI)-based delivery system. The system’s intelligent routing capabilities supported delivery deep within the organization to both individuals and systems for immediate action. Need to reroute? No problem, just click a button.


The agency was able to keep mail operations running and personnel safe. All achieved with a powerful new level of tracking and visibility into mail items. Digital operations translated into a strengthened enterprise workforce able to continue operations remotely. Manual processing of physical mail throughout the different offices was completely eliminated. The transformation achieved a more secure, compliant and accessible work environment. Timeliness of mail delivery improved casework productivity and responsiveness.


Delivery times throughout the U.S. improved from weeks to push of a button. Over 150 mail stops across 11 geographically dispersed locations converted from paper to digital. 100% of enterprise scanning centralized. 100% of mail delivery staff able to work remotely. 100% improved storage, reporting, searchability and management of mail. Elimination of costs and staff time associated with local scanning and manual intake. Shifting of staff to higher value tasks with an improvement in skill level. A win for all!

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